Joyful Normal Birth

At Aastrika Midwifery Centre

Located at Vasavi Hospital, Bengaluru

  • Beneficial for Mother and Baby
  • Shorter Recovery Time
  • Helps with Early Breastfeeding
  • 73% Vaginal Birth Rate at Aastrika

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    Celebrate the Joy of Bringing New Life in a Tranquil Environment

    At Aastrika Midwifery Centre, we have superb success rates with normal childbirth. Our 2021-2022 normal delivery rate of 73% is one of the highest in Bangalore, and families travel to us from across the city to achieve a normal birth. Our team of experienced birth professionals, including both obstetricians and midwives, will provide evidence-based guidance, emotional support, and practical tools to help you have a normal childbirth. We offer a range of pain relief options, ranging from a beautiful water birthing facility to narcotics and epidurals. You can make informed decisions and feel empowered throughout your birthing process. Join us on this transformative journey, and get expert guidance and support for a smooth and joyful birthing experience. Book your consultation today!

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