Chandramma Ningaiah

Chandramma is a Staff Nurse at Aastrika Midwifery Centre. She has 10 years of experience with Labour Delivery & Recovery (LDR) and has been a ward in-charge for gynaecology.
Chandramma holds a Diploma in General Nursing and Midwife (GNM). In her spare time, Chandramma likes to read books.

Ashamol Joseph

Ashamol comes with 5 years of experience in nursing and patient care. Prior to Aastrika, she worked as a Staff Nurse at Fernandez Hospital in Hyderabad. She holds a diploma in General Nursing and Midwifery.

She is strong in handling patients in the ICU, Labour ward, and Casualty. She is adaptable to any situation, is service-oriented, and has good communication skills.

Ashamol is enthusiastic and passionate about her work. She hails from Kottayam, Kerala.

Monika M

Monika is a Junior Nurse at Aastrika Midwifery Centre. She holds a degree in GNM and comes with a total of 2 years of experience as a staff nurse in a Nephrology hospital. Monika hails from Kodagu (Coorg).

Dr. Yashoda Desai, PT

Dr. Yashoda Desai, PT, is a Registered Physiotherapist at Aastrika Midwifery Centre. She completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and her Master’s in Physiotherapy (Orthopaedics and Sports) from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences. She has worked in a variety of settings, encompassing a wide range of clinical and sports conditions. She has over 12 years of extensive experience treating various women’s health issues, including pelvic dysfunctions during pregnancy, antenatal and postnatal musculoskeletal pain, and incontinence.

Dr. Yashoda was closely associated with athletes preparing for the Commonwealth Games and has been part of several such tournaments. She enjoys helping people of all ages suffering from illness, injury, or disability through education, exercise, manual therapy, and advice. She believes she can impact a person’s overall health, happiness and ability to enjoy life to the fullest.

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